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Bounce Parkour SQUAD

BOUNCE Parkour Squad combines core elements of Parkour and Freerunning into an exciting and challenging program.

The program teaches athletic movement fundamentals in a way that opens up the world of adventure sport, and also provides a great base for any other physical activity.

The aim of BOUNCE Parkour Squad is to balance fun, and skills progression and development, in a social and inclusive environment. The program develops and harnesses balance, strength, coordination and agility through the lens of freestyle sport.

The disciplines of Parkour, Freerunning and Adventure Racing are based on methods of physical training that develop the ability to overcome obstacles, physical and mental, using only the natural movements of the human body. Since they first emerged in the 1980s, these movement forms have grown rapidly in popularity and credibility, becoming legitimate sports in their own right.

Class Structure

In structured one-hour classes, Parkour Squad participants will be taken on a developmental journey – progressing from ground skills through to aerial techniques.

Accredited coaches will guide participants through circuits of multiple challenges which develop creative ways of moving, rolling, balancing, flipping, vaulting, swinging and landing safely.

The program caters for beginner to advanced and is instructed in 3 streams:

Mastering the fundamentals
Developing speed and precision of movement
Adding creative flair and self-expression to navigating obstacles


Monday and Wednesday
7pm – 8pm

*All classes are 60 minutes long


Access to all BOUNCE Parkour Squad classes
Access to all Friday Super Sessions


How to enroll?

You can buy the montly full acess at our Online Store or at the venue. You can also book singles classes through our booking system.

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