Privacy Policy

Legal information regarding data protection

In Dream & Jump, S.L. (commercially called BOUNCEinc Spain) we understand that the use of your personal data requires your trust).

BOUNCEinc Spain is determined to guarantee the respect for the basic principles of the data protection being not only subject to the highest privacy standards, but also declaring that we will use your personal data for the clearly identified purposes and in accordance with the rules legally set out for data protection

The confidentiality and integrity of your personal data are one of our main concerns.

The present Privacy policy sets out the way how BOUNCEinc Spain uses and processes the personal data of present and potential clients from the digital platforms and consists of the following sections:

WHo are we?

Dream & Jump, S.L., with head office in Cl Consell de Cent num.375 P.2 Pta.i 08008 Barcelona, with fiscal number B66887670 (hereinafter solely “BOUNCEinc Spain”). Without prejudice of developing its activity using the designation “BOUNCEinc Spain”, under a franchising license BOUNCE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD.

Which are the digital platforms BOUNCEinc Spain?

BOUNCEinc Spain is represented in the digital channels through: – institutional website, where services are presented and which creates all access and birthday parties’ reservations; – Online store, which sells digital vouchers, programs and merchandising of the international brand.

Who is responsible for the processing of your personal data?

BOUNCEinc Spain is responsible for the processing of the personal data of its clients and/or potential clients which proceed to the filling of their data and submit the Authorization Form for Marketing Communications from BOUNCEinc Spain.
BOUNCEinc Spain, through the Marketing Department, will be also responsible for the processing of the clients’ personal data in the digital platforms above referred and in case you have authorized its communication in the terms of the Authorization Form for Individual Communication of BOUNCEinc Spain.

BOUNCEinc Spain complies with the rules foreseen to the processing of personal data, which are presently foreseen in Regulation (UE) 2016/679, of the European Parliament and the Council of 27th April 2016 (hereafter GDPR).

How do we collect your personal data?

Your personal data will be collected and processed in the following situations:

  • If you submite the Authorization Form or subscribe specific information in the BOUNCEinc Spain digital platforms, and/or
  • If you purchase and/or use a product or service in the digital platforms of BOUNCEinc Spain.

For which purposes and on what ground can your personal data be used?

Your personal data will be collected and used for purposes of Client Support (birthday parties or group bookings),and Marketing (communication of information, BOUNCEinc Spain services and products) in the strict terms selected by you on the authorization Form for Individual Communication of BOUNCEinc Spain.

Your personal data will only be used for the purposed above referred.

Your data will not be transmitted to others, nor will be used for different purposes of those you previously authorized.

In the terms of the data protection legislation in force in the European Union as from the 25th of May 2018 (GDPR) the use of personal data must be justified under, at least, one legal ground for the processing of personal data. You may read the explanation regarding the scope of each of those grounds*

*Legal grounds for the processing of personal data:

  1. When you have given consent for the processing of your personal data (for this effect you will be presented a consent form for the use of your personal data, this authorization can be removed afterwards);
  2. When the processing is necessary to celebrate a contract or to proceed to its execution;
  3. When the processing is necessary for the compliance of the legal obligations to which BOUNCEinc Spain is subject to;
  4. When the processing is necessary to reach a legitimate interest and our reasons for its use prevail over your rights of data protection;
  5. When the processing is necessary to declare, practice or defend a right in a legal proceeding against you, us or a third party.

Which personal data can be collected?

The following categories of personal data can be collected through the channels and services described in this Privacy Policy.

Data Colected by BOUNCEinc Spain:

  • Personal information
    • Name, address, email address, telephone contact, birth date, fiscal number, company name.
    • Offers received; purchase date, registration date, order date, delivery date; details of the purchase of products and accessories; history of campaigns/replies; complaints’ history.

Apps, internet page and social media data

If the client has registered or certified himself/herself, it is possible the use of the following data: average use of the app (behavior within the apps); location information; use of online entertainment; use of the BOUNCEinc Spain page; use of BOUNCEinc Spain social media (for example, visits and posts in digital platforms).

BOUNCEinc Spain digital platforms data

In case you have registered yourself in the BOUNCEinc Spain digital platforms (company website or online store), it is possible the use of the following data: details of how you used the platform, date and time and nature of the requests, your IP address, data regarding the device that you use to interact with the used platform.

How do we maintain your personal data safe?

We use a diversity of security measures, including encryption and authentication tools, to help protect and maintain the security, integrity and availability of your personal data.

Although the transmission of data through the internet or website cannot guarantee total security against intrusions, we and our services providers and commercial partners endeavor the best efforts to implement and keep security measures destined to protect your personal data in accordance with the legal data protection regulations. Among others, we have implemented the following measures:

  • Strict personal access to your personal data based on the “need to know” criteria and only in the scope of the communicated purposes;
  • Transference of data collected only in encrypted form;
  • Storage of highly confidential data (such as information regarding credit card) only in encrypted form;
  • Protection of the IT systems through firewalls, aiming to prevent the unauthorized access to your personal data; and
  • Permanent monitoring of the accesses to the IT systems aiming to prevent, detect and avoid the misuse of your personal data.

In case BOUNCEinc Spain outsources services that involve the processing  of personal data, those entities will be obliged to adopt the necessary technical and organizational measures in order to guarantee the protection of personal data against the destruction, loss, change, disclosure, unauthorized access or any other sort of unlawful processing.

How long we will keep your personal data?

We will only keep your data for as long as necessary, considering the purpose for which those were collected, applying withholding information criteria appropriate to each processing and in line with the legal and regulatory obligations applicable.

For the purposes described in this Privacy Policy (client assistance and marketing) your personal data will be kept until the maximum of 12 to 24 months, respectively, counting as from the data collection consent or from the last contact made (according to what happened last) and if, within this period, you have not removed your consent.

In the terms of the applicable legislation, personal data that have been turned anonymous – the person is no longer identifiable or stops being identifiable –  are not considered personal data. Note that for the data to be truly anonymized, the anonymization must be irreversible.

Therefore, once the maximum deadline is finished, your data will turn anonymous or, in alternative, properly destroyed.

With whom can we share your personal data and how do we keep it safe?

BOUNCEinc is a global company. Therefore, your personal data may be accessed by our suppliers or services providers placed in countries outside the EEA, for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, where the data protection legislation may be less stricted than the one applicable in the EEA.

We guarantee that your personal data that will be exported outside the EEA will be processed in accordance with the appropriate security measures.

Certain countries outside the EEA, such as Australia, was already recognized by the European Commission (EC) as offering an adequate level of data protection, therefore, regarding these, will not be necessary additional measures.

Your personal data will be transferred to services providers located in the USA (United States of America) who have adhered, near the United States Department of Commerce, to the Privacy Protection Shield UE-USA.

Please contact us (see following item) if you wish to request the availability of information of the specific safeguards that were applied to the export of your data to suppliers/services providers located outside EEA.

Your data is stored in the protected servers of our suppliers / services providers, being accessed and used exclusively under our policies and standards (or equivalent policies and standards of our suppliers/services providers).

Contacts BOUNCEinc Spain

Responsible for Data Protection

E-mail: [email protected]

BOUNCEinc spain client support service

Email: [email protected]

How can you change or remove your consent – digital platforms?

The consent can be removed at any time. Please notice that the revocation is only applicable to the future, it does not have retroactive effects. Therefore the data processing occurred before the revocation is not covered by it.

After remove your consent you will no longer be contacted nor will you receive communications for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

To make any change to your data (annulment or edition) submitted to BOUNCEinc Spain you are provided a link in all electronic mail communications. The last Authorization Form submitted to BOUNCEinc Spain will prevail over all the previous ones.

Right of access, rectification, deletion, processing limitation, opposition to processing, request the portability of your data

You have the right, whenever you want and free of charge, to ask BOUNCEinc Spain to:

  • access the data
  • ask the rectification of your data
  • ask the deletion of your data
  • ask the limitation of your data processing
  • oppose to the processing of your data
  • request the portability of your data to an entity informed by you

Please note that in case there is a rule or obligation legally imposed that overwrites to these rights, BOUNCEinc Spain will inform you of the impossibility of performing the request, referring the respective ground.

If you have any question related with our use of your personal data you must, contact our client support service. In addition, you may contact the Data Protection Responsible.

Should you consider that your data is not being processed in accordance with the applicable legislation, namely european and national, we remind you that you have the right to present a complaint to a control authority (ex. Agencia Española de Protección de Datos – AEPD | Calle Jorge Juan nº6, 28001 Madrid | Tel: +34 912 663 517 | web:

Revisions to the Privacy Policy

BOUNCEinc Spain reserves the right to, at any time, proceed to alterations and/or revisions to the present Privacy Policy, being any alterations and/or revisions duly communicated and published on the website.